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Processing Problems

Any excess heat, which happens during pressing the oils (even during expeller pressing) will damage these delicate PUFAs. Expeller pressed only means that the manufacturer did not use toxic solvents like hexane to extract the oil. The refined, bleached, deodorized and boiled vegetables oils that line the grocery store shelves have had any viable nutrients or antioxidants stripped out, rendering these oils toxic and incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to digest. (4,5)

Even organic, expeller pressed oils have been found to have mutated, oxidized, heat-damaged oils in them. (4) In one study, expeller pressed canola oil was found to have 5% trans fats (linked to heart disease), cyclic hydrocarbons (a carcinogen) and oxyphytosterols (linked to arterial damage). (4)

The worse news is that when we ingest trans fats found in vegetable oils, they destroy the good fats in our bodies at a whopping rate of billions per second (5), in a process called “free-radical cascade.”

So… maybe it’s time to throw out all of the clear vegetable oils you have in your pantry.

We Recommend

Don’t Use These Oils
Fried Food

Heating these PUFAs, as I mentioned, only accelerates the free radical cascade of damage and oxidation in the body. In a famous New Zealand study, researchers evaluated the blood flow through the arteries after a fried food meal. They used a blood pressure cuff to see how fast the blood vessels would dilate back to normal after ingestion of a meal cooked in used, fast food fryer oil.

The results were dramatic. Four hours after ingesting the meal cooked in one-week-old vegetable oil, they measured how quickly the artery would recover from the pressure of the blood pressure cuff. Before the meal, the vessels dilated normally, but afterwards, there was almost no dilation! (5,6)

Conclusion Avoid Using Vegetable Oils At Home

Sadly, because these oils are used in almost every restaurant, if you eat out regularly, you are likely ingesting too many omega-6 vegetable oils. The refining, bleaching, boiling and deodorizing during the manufacturing process strips all of the nutrients and natural antioxidants from them, while severely damaging their structure.

Since these oils are so delicate, unstable and not a part of our ancestral diet, it makes good sense to avoid using them at home, at least.

Replace Unstable Fats With Stable Fats

Vegetable oils that are more saturated will be more stable at room temperature and under high heat. The oils that are OK to cook with are: Butter, , Nine West Jaen Over The Knee Boot 91lnhtKwA
and macadamia oil.
High quality olive oils are OK at low heat or at room temperature.

The oils that are OK to cook with are: Butter, , coconut oil and macadamia oil. is pretty interesting on this topic. That said, I thought Coccinelle was an intimidating but is totally unintelligible to me. (Why are there almost no comments?)

Posted May 13, 2017 18:04 UTC (Sat) by (subscriber, #1313) []

I remember 20 years ago someone mentioned to me that the VMS kernel (the OS running on VAX computers) was formally proven to be correct (to some degree). Of course, in that case DEC provided the hardware and the software too. Unfortunately I don't remember the details.

Posted May 18, 2017 0:52 UTC (Thu) by smoogen (subscriber, #97) []

I was told by a Dec guy was that the original story was that with the right assumptions you could make anything provably secure and then showed how it could be done with the VMS system. You basically start by assuming all sorts of things like not having an active attacker, a set of actions that the system will only do, dropping down all the hardware to the bare minimum etc etc. All of these are things that various "provable" had used in one set or another.. so why not put them all together. You basically had a brick with VMS installed on it, but it was provable that it was secure within the parameters that could be used.

The problem was that the joke got out hand as someone took it seriously and started passing around about how VMS was superior to Unix because it was provably secure.

How true this story is versus all the others... I don't know.

Posted May 25, 2017 20:47 UTC (Thu) by Wol (guest, #4433) []

A correctness proof is mathematics.

Hardware is reality.

Congratulations on finding a proof that reality and mathematics coincide ... :-)

Cheers, Wol

Posted May 12, 2017 8:56 UTC (Fri) by (subscriber, #41752) []

Actually solving problems is not in the interest of most people in the security field. Randomized defenses which "raise the bar", only to be conclusively shown inadequate within a few months are very convenient that way. This is a pattern both in academia and the industry. By pursuing defenses which cannot be complete (if you allow arbitrary programmer expressivity, you're always confronted with the halting problem), you keep the arms race going. This is to the benefit of both defenders and attackers (keeps the funds flowing).

Not being totally cynical about this, as of course "raising the bar" is a consideration for many production deployments. In my (perhaps poorly informed) opinion though, the allocation of funds is clearly not concerned with eventually having robust solutions, just with piling complexity on top of complexity (academia is pretty good at that) with no end in sight.

And yes, there's no way to have flawless programs. Logic errors aside, even in a memory safe language, the programmers can very well implement their own instruction set and have a memory safety violation in their binary code (which would only be data to the type system). This is not really in the same class of "fundamentally unworkable" as expecting a huge source base to be kept bug free (see the recent kernel quotes of the week). This line of thought is a total derailment IMHO.

How much entropy is actually gained ?

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